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Delivery and Payments

● Add delivery price information (if fixed) or indicative prices, if available;
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Delivery and delivery time
Orders of goods from www.trendsbykk.com are accepted 24 hours a day. Orders placed by 15:00 on a business day are processed and sent by our team by courier within the same day or on the day of payment (for orders paid by bank transfer), unless otherwise agreed or specified. Please note that the standard delivery time is about 2 working days, but this period does not apply to all goods offered. For goods for which there is a longer delivery time, this is stated in the announcement of the product itself or an employee of our team will inform you about the time in a timely manner.
* In cases where you have received your order and want to cancel it, this can be done within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment. In this case, the transport costs in both directions are at your expense, if you are a trader or a professional. In case you are a user and you buy from our online store for personal, non-professional purposes, then you pay for the return delivery, and the initial delivery is at your expense only if you have selected the delivery to address address.
The delivery period is extended according to the number of weekends for orders on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. In all cases, a delay in the specified delivery times is possible, for which you will be promptly notified by “TRENDS – KB” Ltd.
“TRENDS – KB” Ltd. is not responsible for delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond its control, such as delays by the courier performing the delivery.

Delivery prices
The delivery price is not included in the price of the goods. The price for delivery of goods ordered by “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. is calculated automatically before the customer completes his order.
The price depends on the selected supplier, the size and volume of the shipment, the delivery address, and the same, when within Bulgaria, varies from BGN 3.00 to BGN 50.00 for standard shipments weighing up to 40 kg. To accurately calculate the value of the delivery, review your order or use a calculator to calculate the delivery price of Econt or Speedy, according to the available courier option for the specific order. Upon completion of an order on the site you will be informed about the amount of the courier fee, and in certain cases you have the opportunity to choose the courier company that will fulfill it. In certain cases “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. can fix the delivery price, regardless of the parameters of the shipment. This will be explicitly stated on the site or in the specific ad. Unless otherwise specified in the order, the delivery times are as follows:

➢ Delivery to the customer’s address – the shipment is sent within 1 working day from the processing of your order to the address specified by you with the courier company Speedy or Econt. Deliveries are made to the door of the building / ground floor.
➢ Delivery to the courier’s office – the shipment is sent within 1 working day from the processing of your order;

* Some special places (mostly whole and some cities) have a special mode of delivery from the country to the commercial companies (“according to the schedule”). You will be informed by us in the presence of such circumstances.

The terms and conditions for delivery of goods from www.trendsbykk.com apply to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Information about deliveries abroad can be obtained from our team. The execution time and the price of the courier service depend on the location of the client. For different countries, Bulgarian Posts provides this service at different prices.
If you have difficulty determining the required mandatory weight, we will calculate, instead of you, the amount of delivery to the country to which you want it to be sent.

Manner and payment for delivery
“TRENDS – KB” Ltd. (www.trendsbykk.com) sends goods purchased by you with a courier company “Econt”, “Speedy” or equivalent.

The payment of the delivery price is made together with the payment of the price of the order, as the moment of payment may be different according to the method of payment chosen by you, namely:

– upon receipt of the order against receipt of a receipt from the courier / our carrier, when you have chosen payment by cash on delivery or upon delivery;
– by bank transfer – when choosing this method of payment;
– by bank card or voucher;

In case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone number when submitting the application, “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. is not responsible for incorrect execution of the order as a result of incorrect information submitted by you.

*** The courier company with which the orders of “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. are sent is a licensed postal operator for cash on delivery with postal money order and therefore the receipt issued by the courier upon receipt of the amount of the order upon delivery serves as a receipt. of the consignment, in accordance with the requirements for issuance of a fiscal receipt at the National Bank of the Republic of Bulgaria. Save this receipt in case you later decide to return the order you received, for a refund of the amount you paid by us.

For cash on delivery orders, a cash on delivery fee is due.

Non-acceptance of the order and reasonable refusal
In case the customer or a person designated by him is not found within the deadline for delivery to the address specified by him and / or access to the delivery address is not provided, “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. will accept this as an unjustified refusal of the order. and is released from its obligation to deliver the ordered goods, and the customer loses the opportunity to deliver the goods ordered by him. The customer owes to “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. payment of the costs of delivery and return of the goods within 7 days of receipt of the notification, unless otherwise specified in the notification.

“TRENDS – KB” Ltd. reserves the right to send to the electronic or physical address specified by the customer notification of unsolicited shipment, as well as to claim the cost of delivery and return of the goods / goods. “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. and the client agree that the notification, when sent electronically, will be considered in writing and received from the day of its sending by “TRENDS – KB” Ltd.
In the above cases, the customer can confirm his desire to receive the goods after the expiration of the delivery period, in which he was not found at the address, but bears all delivery costs. In this case, a new delivery period starts to run from the moment of confirmation. “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. is released from the obligation to deliver in case the ordered goods are no longer available.

Inspection for delivery defects
When making a delivery of goods ordered by “TRENDS – KB” Ltd., the customer is obliged to carefully inspect it in person or through a third person authorized by him, accepting the same.
In case of detection of external visible defects – possible damages, ruptures, shocks and other damages, established during delivery, the customer or the third party should sign a report for damages in the presence of the courier, in which a protocol describes the found defects and immediately, not later. from 72 hours from the delivery, to notify “TRENDS – KB” OOD about the ascertained.
When the delivered goods obviously do not correspond to the ones ordered by the customer and this can be established during a simple inspection of the delivered goods, the customer has the right within 72 hours to request from “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. the delivered goods to be replaced with goods corresponding to the order. . The notification may be made in any of the ways listed in Section II of the General Terms and Conditions or through the contact form on the website www.trendsbykk.com.
Upon notification under the previous paragraphs “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. will replace the damaged / non-conforming goods within 3 / three / working days, except in cases where there is no goods of the same type for which “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. will inform the client in a timely manner.

Acceptance of the shipment
Upon acceptance of the delivery by the customer or a third party without remarks, all and any subsequent claims for external visible defects of the received goods appear unfounded and as such should not be satisfied. In case no protocol for damages is prepared and signed in the presence of the courier upon receipt of the goods and / or the customer does not immediately notify within 72 hours of delivery “TRENDS – KB” Ltd. to the phone number / email / address specified in the Site, the customer loses his right to bring the identified external visible defects in accordance with the sales contract.
In case of refusal to accept the delivery, the consumer owes all costs of the delivery, which include the price of courier services and packaging.
Upon delivery of the goods (except in the case of delivery of goods on installment), the customer or a third party accepting the delivery to the address specified by the customer is obliged to sign the accompanying documents. A third party is considered to be any person who has not placed the order, but accepts the goods upon delivery to the delivery address specified by the Customer.
“TRENDS – KB” Ltd. ensures the appropriate packaging of goods and sending the accompanying documents. If for any reason the shipment does not contain the necessary document or component for the ordered product, then please contact us and we will do our best to provide it as soon as possible.